EVERPASTE-C - Cold pasting Gum.

EVERPASTE-C  is a ready-mix Cold pasting Gum.
·        It is specially developed for use in the corrugated paper packaging boards having the advantages of consistency and perfection in terms of quality. 

  ·  Cold gum is mainly used in semi-complete automatic plants. It is made of special adhesive grade starch and a special mix of chemicals.
  · It is partially hydrolyzed starches that are prepared by roasting in the presence of different catalysts.
·     This chemical and mechanical reaction reduces the large molecule size into small molecule and with maintained viscosity.


 · Easier application at higher solids content of cold        suspension.
 · Consistent viscosity at application temprature (room   temprature)
 ·     Greater tack with good bonding
 ·     Quicker drying
 ·     Improved surface properties


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