EVERDEX- White Dextrin


      EVERDEX-W is  White Dextrin, manufactured under controlled conditions  using precise catalysts.
·        EVERDEX –W  has all the properties needed to meet classical requirements such as texture, volume and stiffness.
·        EVERDEX-W is produced in a wide range of water solubility to suite various application.
·        It provides higher film strength and excellent adhesive properties.

Special Features :

·      White dextrine are of light colour and pasty.
·      Cooked and cooled solutions set to soft pastes rather than firm gels.

Uses :

·        Textiles- For finishing (crisp organdy).
·        In cigarettes manufacturing
·        In food industry
·        As binder for water colour, Dyes, mineral aggregates, insecticides, briquettes and so on.


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