Everbond-C is an adhesive product specially formulated for use in corrugated board manufactured by in-house R&D facilities of Everest Starch (Ind) Pvt. Ltd.

·        EVERBOND  is a ready-mix corrugation Gum. It is specially developed for use in the corrugated paper packaging boards having the advantages of consistency and perfection in terms of quality. This gum is mainly used in complete automatic plants.
·        It is made of special adhesive grade starch and a special mix of chemicals. It is partially hydrolyzed starches that are prepared by roasting in the presence of different catalysts. This chemical and mechanical reaction reduces the large molecule size into small molecule and with maintained viscosity.
·        Conventional adhesives used in corrugation board manufacture have several disadvantages. To maintain viscosity at convenient levels the high water levels cause problems. If, on the other hand, the water level is kept low and viscosity increased, proper penetration into the paper is inhibited.
·        Everbond-C offers a cure to the paper converters problems such as weak bonding, reduced machine seed, wash boarding adhesive waste, etc.


·        Has a consistent and extremely stable viscosity (45 to 65  seconds by B4 cup having diameter 4mm)
·        Has good penetration into paper .
·        Has low gelatinisation temperature for better machine runability.
·        Produces strong bond strength of high density paper, which resists delaminating during the mechanical operation such as slitting, scoreing cut off and take away.
·        Better coverage with economy.
·        Increases pin adhesion, hence the defect of wash boarding is  minimized.
·        Improves stress and strain tolerance of finished corrugated containers


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