EVERFIED- Esterified Starch

·      Esterified Starch is Modified starch used as  an additive for coating and sizing in
·      It has good paste stability, clarity, reduced  
     tendency to Retrograde. 
·      Has lower pasting temperature. 
·      Provides tough, clear and flexible sizing. 
·      Yarn undergoes too much abrasions and tensile strength and due to appropriate viscosity  
    Esterified Starch offers adequate coating of size on yarn and subsequent suppression of  hairiness. 
·   The product sizes the yarn smoothly and results in improved resistance against abrasion, jerks and tension. 
·    It offers minimum dropping and it can be removed easily during de sizing operation. 
·          Effective hairiness removal.
·          Uniform and stable viscosity.
·          Uniform size pick up.       
·          Compatible with other size ingredients.
·          Easy to de-size.


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