EVERSTAR-Pharma Grade Starch

The pharmaceutical industry is an important user of maize starch powder.
·        Pharma grade Maize starch powder is a mixture of polysaccharides containing about 75 to 80% Amylopectin & 20 to 25% Amylose.
·        It is manufactured under ultra hygienic conditions.
·        I.P  grade Starch & B.P grade Starch are manufactured from quality maize and packed in extremely hygienic  under strict manufacturing process conditions and using Statistical quality control and Statistical process control techniques to meet international Quality Standards.


·         Maize starch is used as a base in the preparation of vitamin-C &  antibiotics.
·         It is also used as filler in pills & capsules.
·         Corn Starch & Glucose are used as filler in pills & capsules.
·         Starch & Glucose are used to coat bitter tasting pills.
·         IP/BP ( pharmaceutical) grade maize starch is useful as a tablet binder and disintegrating agent in dispersible tablets


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