Corn Starch (Maize Starch) :

  • Corn Starch is manufactured using superior quality ingredients, the range we offer is available in packs of different quantities.
  • These quality-approved products are widely used in diverse industries for various applications. 

EVERSTAR is Maize starch normally known as Corn Starch Powder having low Protein & Ash content. Maize Starch is transformed into a very smooth paste within an hour. 
The foaming is usually associated with high pH so it is not necessary to add any anti-foaming agent because pH of Maize starch is always maintained in neutral range.
In addition to this Starch is easily dispersal in Hydropholic media when the product is immersed in.
Having properties like Texturing,Binding,Thickening,Filler,Anti-lumping,Dust Aid.

Application Areas:

                   Cough Syrup
                   Tablet Binder
                   Bakery Products-Bread,Buns & Cereals
                   Soups,Sauces,Syrups,Gravies,Salad Dressings
                   Pudding Powder,Dairy Products,Custard Powder                  


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