Evershot- one shot sizing chemical starch


  •  Evershot is one shot sizing chemical starch for textile.
  •  EverShot is a premier product (single shot/one shot size mix type ) specially Modified chemical Starch for Textile Sizing, that works for pure cotton yarn , PC yarn , PV yarn and dyed yarn having construction on air jet / rapier, sulzer looms.
  • Product has extremely good results on high speed shuttle – less looms having speed up-to 600-1000 rpm for counts ranging from low to high thread count.
  • There is a marked increase in efficiency and yardage; also there is no chance of ball formation.
  •  Evershot also decreases in dead loss, value loss and overall saving in humidification costs.
  • Ever-Shot is preferred by most end users for its simplicity of usage and outstanding results.
  • It is cooked at 90 c, and hence does not require the use of pressure cooker.
  • Also having lower cooking and temperature, cost saving are realized.

Denim Industry


Features and Advantages of Ever-Shot:

·        Yield percentages guaranteed in the 90’s or higher.
·        Saving in dead loss.
·        No ball formation.
·        Breaking strength of yarn increase, elongation property improves.
·        Very good penetration and pliability of sizing film over the yarn.
·        End product’s perceived quality/image is upgrade.


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