Starch Monophosphate is a modified resistant starch.
It is derived from high amylose maize starch and contains a minimum of 70% dietary fibre.
 It is currently used as a food additive as a freeze-thaw-stable thickener (stabilises the consistency of the foodstuff when frozen and thawed) in products such as soups, sauces, frozen gravies and pie fillings.
Starch phosphates are especially stable against heat.
The function(s) performed by the food additive when used in cooking. 

·       Emulsifier - An agent that forms or preserves a mixture of substances normally incapable of being mixed eg. oil and water
·       Stabiliser - A substance that maintains the uniform dispersal of substances in a food
·       Thickener - A substance that increases the viscosity of a food

Application  :-
The most important application are:
·       pudding and desserts
·       sauces, mayonnaise, dressings
·       pastries, fillings for tortes/cakes/tarts
·       instant products (dehydrated food products/dried food products)


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